"This is Me! I'm an Awesome (Bad A..) Accountant... and CPA too.

 And I Make No Apologies."   ™


Taxes, Accounting, Bookkeeping or anything to do with paperwork, can drive a small business owner crazy. Don’t you feel like a big truck is crushing you to pieces when it comes to knowing the numbers for your business? Some of our clients do! Feeling sick in your stomach because you have nothing to show for what’s been happening with your business during the year is common to most new businesses. So, if you are ready to take control of your books but need some guidance getting there, let us help you.


We can help with: aka... What We Do


If your small business is struggling with accounting and bookkeeping, let our expert CPA resolved this problem so you can have peace of mind.


Perhaps you are starting a new business. Let us help you with selecting the right type of business entity which will save you headaches and lots of frustration later.


The tax preparation process can make you feel distressed; however, we will work meticulously with you to banish the nausea you feel about taxes.  


"The kind of advice we do not like to take often turns out to be the best."

'Transactions don't record themselves." ™