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Meet Diantie, entrepreneur, philanthropist, volunteer, and accountant, who is zealous and committed to helping you, the small business person, succeed in your business.

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As a small business owner, do you feel overwhelmed with the all the paperwork it takes to keep your business functioning?  Let us create a realistic system that will help relieve your anxiety.

At tax time are you usually frustrated because you have no "books" for your business and you don't know your numbers? We will take whatever documents you have and work diligently with you to create "your books". And we will ensure your tax returns are filed on time all the time.


Do you need a small business loan but have no financials? You tried doing it yourself but you just can't get it quite right. Well then stop torturing yourself.  We will create your financials which will show you exactly how your business is performing.  And you will have that confidence of “knowing your numbers” before you meet with a bank or investors.

 Consulting with entrepreneurs starting a business - 1/30/2018

Consulting with entrepreneurs starting a business - 1/30/2018

Are you planning to start a business and need guidance? Don’t go at it alone. Speak with qualified and experienced professionals like us before you file any paperwork to get the process started.  One of the first decisions you will make is choosing the best business entity for your organization. Knowing the right type of business entity that is best for you is crucial as it has legal and tax consequences.